The JN Passport card easily identifies a JN member as a KYC compliant customer of the JN Group.

    A member with a JN Passport Card will not be asked to resubmit KYC documents which are already at JN companies, provided they are still current and have not yet expired

    The JN Member ID is a unique 16-digit number assigned to each customer of a JN Group company.

    Having a JN Passport Card will save you time and prevent you from having to resubmit KYC documents whenever you visit companies across the JN Group. On presenting your card, the JN representative at the location where you are conducting business can immediately determine if you are already KYC compliant.

    Once the Customer Service Rep (CSR) is able to verify your identification and confirms whether required documents have already been submitted at a JN company, you will not be required to submit those documents again. You will be required to submit only KYC documents that have not already been submitted, or KYC documents that have expired. However, you will always be required to present your valid government ID card.

    No. As a recipient of a JN Passport card, once the JN representative can confirm that you have already submitted documents, you will not be requested to submit those same KYC documents again.

    The JN Customer Service Representative (CSR) will request a copy of the updated KYC document and proceed as per the company’s operational requirement for establishing account/service/policy.

    A JN customer may apply for their JN Passport Card, once they have met the minimum required KYC compliance, for eligibility.

    1. Visit the JN Passport Webpage
    2. Select the Apply Today button
    3. Complete the application form and select your preferred JN Location for pick-up

    The JN Passport is a physical card and is the same size as an ATM card.  It includes the JN member’s unique Member ID number and Full Name.

    The JN Passport card will not expire. However, the KYC status associated with the Card will expire at the same date which your government-issued ID expires. At expiration, you will be asked to update your documents where you do business.

    The JN Passport Card is at no cost to you at this time.

    The JN Passport Card has the functionality of serving as a debit card only, on the request of the holder, providing they have a JN Bank savings account. Simply visit your nearest JN Bank branch, and ask that the card be associated with your JN Bank account and securely pinned.

    No. A JN Passport is issued to a JN member based on his/her individual compliance to KYC requirements.

    At this time, members and customers who are fully KYC compliant at JN Bank and/or JNGI will be offered a JN Passport.

    No. The JN Passport Card is only for use in Jamaica at JN companies.

    No.  The JN Passport Card is a document issued by the JN Group and is not linked with the government or external institutions. It can only be shown at JN companies, to make onboarding easier.

    If you opt to convert your JN Passport Card to an ATM card, you will need to treat with it as you would your ATM or credit card. Secure your pin and never share it with anyone.  Report your lost JN Passport card immediately by calling our Contact Centre or visiting your JN Bank branch nearest you.

    No. The JN Passport card is used to easily recognize KYC compliant members of the JN Group. You will need an approved government issued identification for verification purposes at each JN Group company.

    The JN Passport Card will not have a photo or signature.

    No. The JN Passport Card can only be used by the person to whom it was issued.

    Just like any other ATM card, a maximum of two JN Bank savings account can be linked to the JN Passport Card, if it is converted for use as an ATM card.

    For safety, we always encourage our members to use different PINS for different cards and devices.