What is One JN Passport?

    The One JN Passport card makes it easier to access to JN products and services at JN companies in Jamaica by enabling the JN team to take care of documentation for you!  The card tells us that you have already submitted Know Your Customer documents (KYC) to a JN company, and as long as the documents are in good order, you will not have to submit those same documents to another JN company again.

    Here’s how it works:

    • Show your activated One JN Passport Card and government-issued ID when you are being requested to provide KYC documents at a JN company. The card tells us the information on record for you.
    • Since you have already submitted documents, you will be asked to provide only additional documents if needed

    Benefits of One JN Passport

    Easy KYC Compliance! No need for multiple document submissions

    Access JN Rewards: Unlock great deals at hundreds of JN Rewards partners across the island.

    Get Discounts Globally: When you travel, show the JN Passport card at FIA Show Your Card & Save partners for more discounts on hotels, car rentals, dinning and shopping!

    Use it as an ATM Card:  You may link your JN Passport card to your JN Bank account, by simply taking the JN Passport Card along with your valid government-issued ID to the JN Bank branch nearest you. Now, the JN Passport Card is also your personalized JN Bank ATM card!


    How It Works


    Maintain Up-to-Date KYC

    Be sure to provide up-to-date information to JN Bank, JN Funds and JNGI, so that you can qualify for your very own JN Passport card.

    Apply for a JN Passport

    Don’t be left out! Apply here for your very own card

    Activate One JN Passport Card

    Activate your One JN Card and start enjoying easier member service across JN Group

    Use Card to do Business

    Show your JN Passport card at JN Bank, JN Fund Managers and JNGI locations to avoid multiple submission of documents.

    Where can I use my JN Passport?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The JN Passport card easily identifies a JN member as a KYC compliant customer of the JN Group.

    A member with a JN Passport Card will not be asked to resubmit KYC documents which are already at JN companies, provided they are still current and have not yet expired

    The JN Member ID is a unique 16-digit number assigned to each customer of a JN Group company.

    Having a JN Passport Card will save you time and prevent you from having to resubmit KYC documents whenever you visit companies across the JN Group. On presenting your card, the JN representative at the location where you are conducting business can immediately determine if you are already KYC compliant.

    A JN customer may apply for their JN Passport Card, once they have met the minimum required KYC compliance, for eligibility.

    The JN Passport card will not expire. However, the KYC status associated with the Card will expire at the same date which your government-issued ID expires. At expiration, you will be asked to update your documents where you do business.

    The JN Passport is a physical card and is the same size as an ATM card.  It includes the JN member’s unique Member ID number and Full Name.