“Be the Champion LOVE” JN Bank Manager Tells Young Athletes

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    Guy’s Hill’s top Under-14 batsman Calmar Powell, receives a word of encouragement from Carlene Edwards, manager, sales promotion and events at JN Bank during an Athletes’ Luncheon organised by the school to honour a cadre of student sportsmen and sportswomen recently.

    Sports enthusiast and marketing specialist, Carlene Edwards, has charged young athletes to uphold their values and protect their reputation fiercely, to achieve success and establish a lasting legacy.

    The JN Bank marketing, promotions and events manager was addressing student athletes at her alma mater, Guy’s Hill High School, during an Athletes Luncheon, held at the rural St Catherine institution, recently.

    “You cannot compromise your values and principles in pursuit of your dream, because, in the final analysis, your achievement means nothing if you don’t have a good reputation. And, your reputation is your best and most important asset in life,” were her strong words of advice to the young athletes.

    She continued: “Guard it very carefully, because no one will remember your achievements, if you cheated or compromised your values to get to the top,” pointing to internationally known cheats, such as: cyclist, Lance Armstrong and US sprinter, Marion Jones as examples.

    Miss Edwards added, “…or even the US sprinter Justin Gatlin, although he, unlike others, managed to return to the sport after being banned and won many medals, including defeating Usain Bolt at the last World Championships. However, not many people remember that Gatlin actually won that race, all because of his reputation…”

    “Don’t let that be your story. Stand for something and you will stand at the podium!”

    Yanique Andrade (left) and Brittany Godfrey, Guy’s Hill’s top netball shooter and top all-rounder, are given some inspiration by Carlene Edwards, manager, sales promotion and events at JN Bank during an Athletes’ Luncheon organised by the school to honour a cadre of student sportsmen and sportswomen recently.

    Miss Edwards’ advice on maintaining strong values was part of a broader motivational talk with students, during which she urged the athletes to become champions of LOVE, using each letter in the word to represent an essential motive to succeed.

    Using the letter “L” in the acronym LOVE, Miss Edwards urged the students to listen, learn and lean: to Listen to your hearts; stay focused on their academics and to lean on others for support.

    “Listen to your heart, because you are doing this for you. It must be what you want to do, not simply what others want for you,” the former Guys Hill netball team captain encouraged the students. She said that does not mean that they should not listen to what other people say, but spurred them to develop internal filters and recyclers, so that they can sift out the negative messages and recycle them into sources of motivation.

    “You may be great at sports; however, school is about academics,” Miss Edwards also reminded the athletes. “Hence, your sports talent is merely an advantage, which can provide more opportunities and experiences for you to learn and develop,” she said, pointing out that there are scholarships, which they could achieve and more experiences than the average student from which they could gain.

    “Remember, your time as an athlete is limited; therefore, you will need to be able to use the experience garnered and the qualifications you have earned, to make the best for yourself,” she urged students.

    Paying tribute to mentors: Carlene Edwards (centre), manager, sales promotion and events at JN Bank, catches up with her former English teacher, Joan Davis (left), principal, Guys Hill High School, and Venice Fraser, head of the Physical Education Department at Guys Hill, who coached Miss Edwards when she attended the high school. Miss Edwards, who was captain of the netball team during her years as student at the rural St Catherine-based institution, was guest speaker at the school’s Athletes’ Luncheon organised to honour its student sportsmen and sportswomen recently.

    She also reminded them to share their knowledge and experiences; and, to nurture an environment in which they can support others, while also relying on their teams, coaches, communities and fans for support.

    “Remember that you haven’t won until you’ve influenced others, or helped to change the lives of other persons. Motivate your teammates; be involved in your community; help to pave the way, so that they also can achieve what you have accomplished.”

    “That’s the spirit of a winner!” she motivated the students.

    Miss Edwards used the letter “O” to represent the word overcome, reminding the athletes that their duties were to persevere and excel. She urged the youngsters never to use where they were from, their status, or resources as an excuse for underachievement.

    “Winners innovate. They create their path to greatness. They never quit!” she emboldened students.

    Finally, Miss Edwards encouraged students to “excel” and “enjoy” the journey to success.

    “Be disciplined and stay focused. Be fearless and bold and you will be unstoppable! Be a winner, be the champion of LOVE! she concluded.

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