This form is provided to assist you in making a privacy complaint about an act or practice of a member company of the Jamaica National Group (“the Company”) that you believe is in breach of the Company’s obligations under the Data Protection Act.

    For the protection of the privacy of all concerned, the Company only accepts complaints made by the relevant individual i.e. the data subject, or an authorized representative. If you wish to make a privacy complaint on someone’s behalf, please provide proof of authority to do so.

    Data Protection

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    NOTE: Please submit proof of authorization with this form (e.g. Power of Attorney)

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    Please indicate how you believe your privacy has been breached.

    (Please provide sufficient details to enable the Company to appropriately investigate your complaint e.g. what happened, when and where it happened, who was involved, how you believe your personal data has been mishandled)
    Note: It may be necessary for the Company to contact any third parties named in the complaint which may necessitate disclosing your identity and the nature of your complaint. If you advise the Company that you do not wish for it to do so, that may mean that the Company cannot properly investigate and resolve your privacy complaint.
    Do you consent to the Company contacting the third party named above?
    Please attached a copy of your Photo ID along with any documents you consider may assist the Company’s investigation of your privacy complaint.

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    Maximum file size: 1MB