Claudine Allen
    Claudine Allen

    Claudine Allen

    Member Ombudsman

    Claudine Allen was appointed General Manager of the JN Foundation on December 1, 2020.  In this role, she will lead the Foundation’s efforts to contribute to the developmental needs of Jamaica. She will also drive programmes that nurture oneness with JN Group members so that together we may leverage our relationships and resources to enrich lives and build communities.  As Member Ombudsman, she will continue to champion the interests of members and lead efforts to resolve customer issues, facilitate measurement and analysis of customer experience and leverage member feedback to inform the direction of the Group.

    She was appointed Executive for the JNBS Enterprise Contact Centre and Member Ombudsman in January 2015.

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    Your JN Member Ombudsman is the customer champion for The Jamaica National Group and promotes the adoption of business practices that ensure delightful service and adds value to membership.

    The Member Ombudsman also advocates for issues that preserve mutuality and unleash the potential of JN members.  Initiatives spearheaded by the Member Ombudsman include the JN Circle and the 5 Things About column in the JN Living Well magazine.

    The JN Circle provides our members with the opportunity to network and build friendships with other JN members and customers and to work together to address issues in their community.  

    Complaints Handling

    If you are not satisfied with the complaints resolution or service received from an entity within the JN Group, you can appeal for the Ombudsman’s intervention by submitting your complaint using this online form, or by writing to:

    The Member Ombudsman

    The Jamaica National Group Limited
    2-4 Constant Spring Road
    Kingston 10


    JAM: 876-926-1344-9   –    CAN: 416-789-6675
    USA: 305 593 7900 / 954-535-5767      –     UK:+44 0207-708-6630
    WhatsApp: 876-499-1605 (Mon-Fri 8:15 am to 4:15 pm)

    Be sure to include the following information:

    • A summary of the incident to include, date and place of occurrence
    • Employees with whom you have discussed the matter
    • Response or resolution provided by the entity
    • Your contact information

    On receipt of your submission, the Ombudsman will contact you to discuss how the matter will be addressed. She will then liaise with the entity against which the complaint is levied to achieve the equitable and impartial resolution of the issue and ensure there is no detriment to you because you complained.

    You can submit your complaint online by clicking here.
    Complaints submitted to the Ombudsman will be resolved within 10 business days.