The Jamaica National Group and its member companies operate in a global space that is dynamic. Our objective is to provide an online environment that allows our members and customers to take advantage of our services conveniently, with minimal negative exposure. We aim to operate at the highest level to manage all risks to ensure the security of your accounts.

    JN Group Cyber Security Charter

    JN is committed to keeping your business safe! Safeguarding your business from hackers and scammers is of paramount importance to us. Therefore, we are diligent in our efforts to implement security measures that will provide you with a safe online environment for you to transact your business.

    With more than 145 years of experience, we can assure you that you are safe with us! We take data privacy and the handling of your data seriously. This is further bolstered by our ISO quality management system that guides the operation of our member company, JN Bank, which is the only financial institution in Jamaica that is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

    Under these regulations and those by our local regulatory bodies, we conduct regular assessments and simulations.


    JN SECURE is a simple acronym which means: Share, Enquire, Check, Retain, Exercise due care. This simple test is created to help our members and customers determine if their actions, when conducting business online and otherwise, are in keeping with security measures.

    Members are encouraged to:

    Always remember to share useful information that can assist your organisation to help protect you and other members. Information that is important to share includes: malicious attempts on accounts, observations made at transaction points (ATM, point-of-sale, websites, efforts to defraud. You must take note and report essential information to the right person(s), regulatory body or organisation using the appropriate channels. Read more

    Ask questions when you are doubtful or unsure about the steps to take before conducting any transaction. Never seek confirmation from everybody, but make contact directly with a JN representative via any of our legitimate channels such as our Member Care Centre, helpdesk or website. Where the transaction involves an external body, it is strongly recommended that you also make contact with that external institution and ask the relevant questions to determine the legitimacy of contact. Read more

    Take the time to check in order to verify accuracy and legitimacy. Keep an eye out for details on transactions, bills and online platforms used to transact business. Check channels such as email, telephone numbers, by which attempts are made to contact you. You must familiarise yourself with the steps and information needed to identify the various nuances. Read more

    Use resources that are available to conduct security checks and keep safe. Our security webpage that you are now on will be updated with the latest cyber security messages to aid you throughout your banking journey with JN. Read more

    Keep your evidence for referencing in order to cross check receipts against bills. Retaining receipts, documents and email are critical aiding investigators where there are discrepancies or anomalies on accounts. Read more

    Never be too quick to respond to special offers without doing your due diligence test. Slow down and make sure that you read ALL fine details associated with offers. Take the time also to probe beyond what you are seeing and hearing. Handle confidential information with care and destroy documents with sensitive data in a manner that it cannot be retrieved. Read more