Financial Empowerment

    Financial education is critical in our quest for financial freedom. This can be achieved by understanding and successfully utilising four instruments.

    • Revenue/Spending Plan
    • Savings
    • Credit
    • Insurance

    Financially literate citizens know the importance of saving and investing.  Saving will promote financial stability in a country, which will help to generate more local and foreign investments.  Increased investments will ultimately generate economic growth and development

    Economic empowerment for all Jamaicans is a key area of focus for The Jamaica National Group.  One medium used is training in financial literacy, the BeWise financial empowerment programme, spearheaded by the JN Foundation. Through financial education, Jamaicans learn how to use and apply financial instruments, such as budgeting, saving, credit and insurance, to their daily lives so they can improve their lives, become financially stable and work towards achieving financial freedom.

    Financial Instruments

    Revenue/Spending Plan

    Save 10 percent of your income, give away 10 percent of your income, and allocate the remaining 80 percent of your income to all of your spending categories. Click here for revenue and spending plan


    Savings generally represent only one part of an individual’s assets, and unlike investments, have minimal exposure to risk.


    This is defined as money that is loaned by a creditor – it helps us make investments on our journey to financial independence.


    Purposes of Insurance
    Insurance can be used to create, preserve and transfer wealth

    Financial Tips

    10-10-80 Budgets

    The 10-10-80 budget is built on the premise that most households require no more than 80 per cent of its earnings to live comfortably. People who subscribe to this budgeting plan set aside 80 per cent of their pay cheque for food, utilities, rent, clothing and other necessities. They give 10 of the remaining 20 percent to charity or to their church as tithes, and the rest goes into a savings or investment account for the future.

    How much should one have saved for retirement?

    The Multiplier Effect:

    • By age 35: Have twice your annual salary saved.
    • By age 40: Have three times your annual salary saved.
    • By age 45: Have four times your annual salary saved.
    • By age 50: Have five times your annual salary saved.
    • By age 55: Have six times your annual salary saved.
    • By age 60: Have seven times your annual salary saved.
    • By age 65: Have eight times your annual salary saved.

    Build A Retirement Portfolio

    One which will provide different streams of income during retirement

    • Formal pension plan – Employer Superannuation Scheme OR  Individual Retirement Scheme
    • Insurance Policy (with an investment component)
    • Real estate
    • Equity (Shares)
    • Mutual Funds
    • Bonds
    • NIS


    Avoid paying interest on your credit card

    –     Pay your bill……… in full, on time; every time

    Begin saving for retirement as soon as you start working

    When the budget does not balance –

    • Seek ways to earn additional income
    • Reduce expenses


    Access and review your credit report annually

    Making periodic lump sum payments on your mortgage reduces the life of the mortgage

    Saving is the fuel for investment: because the wealth of a nation is dependent on the savings of its people.
    – Earl Jarrett, CEO, JN Group

    Do not save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving.
    – Warren Buffett

    Save for a rainy day. When you don’t work, savings will work for you.
    – K. Soni

    Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.
    – Benjamin Franklin

    A penny saved is a penny earned.
    – Benjamin Franklin

    A bargain ain’t a bargain unless it’s something you need.
    – Sidney Carroll

    We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give
    – Winston Churchill

    One million dollars is still a million one dollar coins.
    – Michael Andre Collins

    Take action, an inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention
    – Dr. Steve Maraboli

    It is true that improper use of credit can be disastrous, credit properly used can enhance your life.
    – Liz Pulliam Weston, Personal Finance Columnist

    The future depends on what you do today
    – Ghandi




    Dear Mrs. Miller, I just want to say a big thank you to you and your team for tackling the mission of inspiring persons to #BeWise and to be Financially Empowered. After being exposed to one your sessions while at the UWI's Marketing Association Financial Empowerment Meeting, I was immediately motivated to take charge of my finances! Since then, I have opened an investment account and after gaining employment, I been able to save in it on a more consistent basis. Apart from that making a budget and sticking to it as well as tracking my spending are also tips which I remember and am currently utilizing. I pray that God continues to bless you and give you the strength to continue touching more lives. Thanks again, Mrs. M!
    I was first introduced to the Be Wise Financial Empowerment programme at a staff meeting in January 2018 at a JAMPRO staff meeting. Rose Miller presented on smart financial decisions we can begin to make and how the programme can help us achieve our financial goals realistically. I reached out to Rose soon after the session. She has been a consistent source offering a directory of financial reads, accountability partner, and financial decision sounding board. The programme has certainly enlightened me to best practices I was not aware of and also a reiteration of those I already knew, confirming that I was on the right path for some things. Through the programme, I have been able to learn more about saving automatically, save more-spend less through self-control, the right way to plan financially, including applying the 10-10-80 rule, and how to select better investment products that suit my need. I have truly been empowered to make wiser financial decisions and I am glad I made the call! Looking forward to a continued relationship/coaching through the programme. D.C
    Just taking time out to wish you and the staff of the JN Foundation Happy Holidays. I would also like to say many thanks for the encouragement to attend the Financial Empowerment Seminar. My life has changed tremendously since then. I have learnt to make saving a top priority, invest and spend little to enjoy more. I now use coupons and take advantage of special offers. Not only am I budgeting, I have always budgeted but now I am sticking to my budget. Time gone if I am asked for money after budgeting I would give it and then lessen my own needs or wants, now I am able to say “sorry I can’t afford it, it was not in my budget.” So much has changed for me financial and I know there is more to come. I used to be scared of credit cards and now I own one, it doesn’t own me. Thank you once more JN Foundation team. You have made my Christmas look bright and the New Year will be even brighter.
    Good morning Team!, They say there is no moment like the present.  As promised, I have begun my application process for the Credit Union Family Indemnity Plan today.  It is such a simple application form and I encourage everyone to take advantage of this product.  It seemed like a no brainer to me. Please find attached a copy of the form for reference. Let me know when (notice I did not say “If”) you have applied so that I can keep track of our Financial Empowerment progress! No excuses. Thank you Mrs. Miller for an impactful and motivating seminar yesterday. Regards, Tiffany
    Dear Mrs. Miller, Thanks for following-up regarding feedback from the BeWi$e session…. I was told by most persons that the session was awesome! I was also told that it was informative and that you both have a pleasant personality. We are exploring the possibility of having you again on a Sunday morning with the wider church population.

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    Rose Miller, head of the JN BeWi$e Financial Empowerment Programme, says contrary to the common belief, a credit card is not a “debt sentence,” if used prudently. Mrs Miller, who is also Grants Manager at the JN Foundation, stated that a credit card can be an important tool in the quest towards financial security, if […]

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