CEO 2020 New Year Message


    As we experience the dawn of a new year… I invite all staff and members to establish a plan of action to achieve your personal mission.

    For some of us, it is a time to take a second look at our goals and objectives; and for others, it is a time to look at our things-to-do list and to chart a path for self-improvement.

    For Jamaica National, our mission is alignment… alignment of all the companies within the Group to a single objective of providing invaluable and innovative service to our customers and members — and to the community at large.

    I am pleased to report that, in December, we obtained a licence to operate a commercial bank in the United Kingdom… to address the needs of our members there, for inclusive banking services.

    You will recall the challenges we faced when major banks overseas …decided to close JN’s accounts… and the accounts of our members… who reside in the United States and the United Kingdom.

    We decided then… that the best solution to the problem, was to establish our own bank.

    Thanks to the efforts of the team in Jamaica… the team in the UK… our friends in the diplomatic community… and the local community there… we were able to deliver this bank.

    We are going through the pilot phase now, before the bank is unveiled to the public in the first quarter of the New Year.

    For 2020, our objective is to ensure that the companies in the JN Group work together… to create unique products that will only be available in the JN network.

    We are working on innovative ways for members to do business within the Group without the hassle of providing the repetitive information… and allow persons to move from one company to another without any difficulty.

    The Boards of Directors of the various companies have all agreed, along with their relevant Managing Directors, that the entities will work together to achieve one identity under the theme – One JN.

    We recognize that we can achieve better service and efficiencies by adopting the best of the digital world.

    And so, over the next year, we will roll out digital services in our branches and in our back-office departments… so that our staff will have more time to provide greater levels of personalized and creative services… to more than one million members and customers.

    We also intend to improve our internal and external communication to members and customers; and we will use the available media channels more effectively to do so.

    In that vein, we will combine our creative resources… including The Voice newspaper in the UK… to ensure that our members are well-informed for the decisions that you all shall make.

    As a Group, we have faced many challenges and overcame them because of our strong determination to succeed… and to put People First, by helping our members and customers, ‘find a way.’

    Thank you for sharing this journey with us, and we look forward to your continued support in the year ahead.

    Hon Earl Jarrett, OJ, CD, JP

    December 2019

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