Don’t Take the Bait… Watch out for Phishers!


    When in your email…

    1. Be mindful of opening messages from unknown senders.
    2. Be cautious with all attachments and, where applicable, scan them before downloading or opening.
    3. Look for misspellings and poor grammar in emails. These are red flags for phishing scams.
    4. Confirm that the name of the sender and the email address are consistent.
    5. Hover the cursor over a link to see the address. If it’s different from the URL (the website address) in the message, it’s probably a phishing email.
    6. Retype the website address into the browser instead of clicking the link in the email. Do not copy and paste — it can be deceptive and add risk.
    7. Be aware of emotional triggers. Look out for suspicious messages that contain threats, request urgent action, or create fear.
    8. Don’t share your passwords or other personal information with anyone.
    9. Be aware of fraudulent links posted on social media that could compromise and infect your or other people’s social media accounts and network.
    10. Report any suspicious emails to the relevant organisation or to the police.
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