Get Ready for the 10th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference

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    Leesa Kow, managing director, JN Bank addressing the launch of the 10th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference

    Leesa Kow, Managing Director, JN Bank

    After 20 years and 10 stagings, the Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference has remained an anticipated calendar event for its sponsors and attendees. It has been an important homecoming and meeting place for myriads of successful Jamaicans around the world and key local and private sector organisations, which use each conference strategically to converge, connect, build, and strengthen relationships to support Jamaica’s advancement.

    Each successful conference has underscored that there is much more than economic value to be derived from the bonds forged and strengthened at these gatherings.  For without known reserves of oil and gas, gems and rare deposits, as Jamaicans, whether home or abroad, we must recognise that our people are our richest resource. And while our population may seem small to us, when connected with our people beyond our shores, together we are not only larger but capable of achieving more than we can imagine.

    Therefore, as we come together in Montego Bay this June 16-19 for this milestone 10th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference, and while we at JN prepare to celebrate 150 years of service to Jamaicans, home and abroad, on August 13, it is our wish that we discover the lynchpin that will fully unite us so that we can eradicate the obstacles in our path towards greatness. At this Diaspora Conference let us dialogue and be deliberate in our ensuing actions to unite and transform Jamaica. Let us identify the solutions that will foster lasting peace that will enable our productivity and determine even more ways in which we can empower our youth and the generations after them to sustain all we can and will achieve.

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