How We Can Assist You

    Our goal is to deliver effective building operations in conjunction with a workplace experience that will maximise the strategic and economic benefits of the workplace and provide the best value to our clients.

    jn properties

    JN Properties manages the JN Group’s property portfolio as well as their maintenance, janitorial and related services contracts. The portfolio mix includes:

    We do sales, rentals and Management of commercial properties. We also take care of your leases and rentals for residential properties

    We currently manage 144 properties which includes:
    • Commercial
    • Residential
    • Parking Lots
    • Development Sites

    We take charge of your project from the initiation stage to the handover when completed. We also do project/contract administration, spatial planning and design, managing risks while exploiting opportunities to ensure that all projects are completed to specification, delivered on time and within budget and ensuring that all plant, property and equipment are appropriately maintained.

    Let us source, purchase, develop or renovate the property you desire whether it’s your dream home or an investment. We will lease or improve your asset as well.

    We provide advice on:
    • Market trends
    • Budget
    • Property safety
    • Valuation for insurance

    Known for providing superior quality service, the JN Properties team manages all renovation and construction projects from start to finish.

    We embrace a philosophy of excellence in all areas of work and envision being the premier Property Services Company in Jamaica and an established provider of innovative, effective, efficient and customer-focused property solutions leaving our clients satisfied and confident that they are receiving value for money

    As a business owner, you need timely payment for your services. Late payments create an unwelcome burden on you and your business, negatively impacting your bottom line. Total Credit Services Limited (TCS) is a professional debt management company with proven expertise to recover your debts, collect outstanding payments, and improve your cash flow.

    With 14 years in the debt management business, TCS is a well-established and highly skilled industry player with the reputation of being balanced, fair and resourceful. Our aim is to improve your bottom line by offering superior service, using state of the art management tools, and accurate reporting.

    We pride ourselves on being professional, respectful and innovative in all our interactions with you and your customers.

    We will focus on three key goals:

    1. Recovering your debts
    2. Maintaining your company’s image
    3. Saving you time

    Our experienced team will work closely with you to fully understand your business needs in order to create a collection strategy that will work best for you.

    TCS is your revenue recovery partner, giving you the results you need to accelerate cash flow, lower operating expenses, reduce customer delinquency, improve customer care and ultimately, positively impact the bottom line.

    Let us help you recover the money that you have earned by providing a stress free way to collect your outstanding receivables while allowing your firm to focus on its core business.

    TCS also offers debt collection services on a wide range of secured and unsecured facilities including: personal loans, retail, commercial and development loans, mortgage loans, credit cards and auto loans.