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    It is true that sometimes we fall prey to criminal activities and we keep it a secret because of shame or fear.  Unfortunately, criminals thrive on these and continue to perpetuate crimes that could often be stopped if only reported from the very first time.  Don’t be scammed or blackmailed. Keeping it private is aiding the criminals and exposing someone else. SHARE what you know or your experience. What do I SHARE and why

    Here is how you can practically conduct the JN SECURE test to help keep your account safe.

    SHARE to stay ahead of the Game!

    Always immediately share information with the relevant bodies in these instances:

    • You have identified inconsistencies, anomalies or discrepancies on accounts or receipts
    • If you have been defrauded
    • You are aware of a popular scam, whether impacting JN or other financial institutions
    • Discovered a fake website that purports to be associated with any JN member companies
    • Received a spam email that attempts to solicit your personal data
    • Attempts made internally or externally to defraud or trick you
    • You observed suspicious actions or objects in the ATM
    • Know of anyone who wants you to use your account to illegally participate in money laundering activities
    • You noticed unusual activities (deposits or withdrawals) on your account
    • You are aware that your data was shared and or being used without your permission
    • Files with your sensitive data is not being handled with due care
    • Lost documents, debit or credit cards
    • If you accidentally or unknowingly shared information with an unscrupulous person
    • Have knowledge of an imposter who continues to target account members
    • Suspicious activities in the banking hall

    Immediately Share the information with the relevant authorities and the fraud squad in your area.

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