Insurance protects you and your family against the risks of an uncertain future – it is like a financial safety belt. Having the right insurance coverage in place will help take care of unforeseen circumstances without putting a huge dent in or completely wiping out your savings.

    Common insurance products:

    • Life Insurance
    • Liability Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • Property Insurance
    • Motor Insurance


    Additional protection offered by Insurance

    • Mortgage Protection – A family may lose their home if a life insurance death benefit is not available to help pay the mortgage
    • Transfer Wealth to Family – You can leave more money to your family with a life insurance policy as part of your estate
    • College Education – College is expensive, insurance proceeds can help ensure that college loans are paid even if you are not there to help
    • Pay estate taxes and create estate liquidity – When an estate is inherited certain taxes must be paid, life insurance may be able to cover your estate costs


    Advice about insurance

    • Know the terms and conditions of the policy
    • Consult with more than one financial advisor about insurance options and select the one best suited for you and your family
    • Stay informed about the status of your policy and the options for upgrading, cancelling or renewing the policy
    • Always ensure that your premiums are paid on time
    • Take time to read the contract to ensure you are aware of the benefits
    • Review beneficiary periodically and change if necessary
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