JN Bank Empowers Jamaicans with Special Loan Offers

    JN Group

    JN Bank has launched its third Blue Tag Summer Loan Sale promoting accessible and affordable loan solutions.

    The loan sale, which kicked off on Monday, June 18, will continue through Friday, August 31, 2018.

    The promotion highlights JN’s auto; unsecured and mortgage loans; as well as, the JN VISA Classic and gold cards.

    Under the JN Blue Tag, persons can consolidate their loans or access a personal unsecured loan for up to $1 million, with monthly payments starting at $23, 711.27.

    Customers are also able to borrow up to $4 million for a new vehicle, with monthly payments of $56,039.78 and $1.5 million on used vehicles, with payments of $30, 955.78. Also, get 100 per cent financing on vehicles up to 5 years old.

    Applicants who are approved for a credit card will benefit from balance transfers of $50,000 or more, for six months.

    Also, in celebration of the nation’s fathers, all males who take out a JN Personal Unsecured or Auto Loan will receive a Club Kingston/Club Mobay VIP Blue Card. The JN Blue Tag Father’s Day sale runs until June 30.

    Saniah Spencer, chief of marketing and product development, JN Bank explained that the promotion was positioned to stimulate the current market with its attractive and below-market-rate offers. She noted that Blue Tag was in keeping with JN’s unwavering commitment to cater to the needs of its members, based on substantive research.

    “One of the most requested options through the Blue Tag sale is loan consolidation. Therefore, persons who are in need of assistance to manage their loans will be able to do so, through this promotion, which is now in its third installment,” she stated, noting that, “JN Bank has been able to help Jamaicans to achieve a better and more balanced financial life.”

    Miss Spencer also explained that the JN Blue Tag was introduced as one means to create greater opportunities for cost conscious Jamaicans to improve their lives, whether through the consolidation of debts, or accessing a personal loan for educational, or other developmental purposes.

    “During this period many persons are concerned about financing their education, for the upcoming academic year, and through Blue Tag, those persons will have the opportunity to access our affordable loan facility,” she advised.

    Additionally, Miss Spencer said JN wants to make homeownership easier for Jamaicans, as it is important for the growth and development of the nation. “Our DYM programme, therefore, provides a range of options for persons to finance home purchases, based on their lifestyle and cash-flow.”

    Miss Spencer further noted that the JN Blue tag sale, which started in 2016, has achieved significant success among Jamaicans over the years.

    “When we launched the first Blue Tag Auto Loan sale two years ago, we issued more than 2,000 auto loans, which meant that 2,000 more Jamaicans were able to own a motor vehicle. Since then, we have extended the sale to include a wider suite of loan options, to address the changing financial needs of our customers and members, Miss Spencer stated.

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