JN Bank Strengthens Partnership with Realtors

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    Within the context of its recent move to strengthen the mortgage process, JN Bank has announced an improved incentive initiative for realtors and developers who refer business to the bank’s mortgage department, as it seeks to strengthen homeownership.

    The re-vamped incentive programme, dubbed the ‘Billion Dollar Promotion’, includes a combination of commission payments and other attractive prizes.

    The campaign kicked off on Tuesday, September 18, 2018 and will run to Sunday, March 31, 2019. It is open to licensed real estate professionals and registered developers operating across the country.

    Saniah Spencer, chief of marketing and product development, JN Bank said the expanded programme forms part of a drive to increase the company’s mortgage portfolio and to foster sustainable relationships with real estate agents and developers in the industry.

    “We are aware that real estate agents and their companies are on the frontline, guiding customers to make positive investment decisions. Therefore, as part of our recognition and gratitude for their work and our desire to facilitate the growth of real estate development in Jamaica, JN Bank has identified tangible and meaningful ways to affirm our continued support,” she stated.

    Miss Spencer noted that as the leading provider of mortgage loans in the private market, the incentives programme will give JN Bank a further foothold into the $17 billion in deals that the 900 members of the Realtors Association of Jamaica currently execute annually.

    She noted that the revamped realtors’ incentive programme comes in tandem with JN Bank’s recent commitment to deliver financing in an even timelier manner to persons seeking to own a home.

    “As of Wednesday, September 5, 2018, customers who choose JN Bank as their mortgage institution will receive their financing within 30 days, once they have been approved,” she noted. “This is a pledge that we make, as we sharpen our focus on providing value by improving access and making the process to achieve home ownership easier.

    Miss Spencer said the objective is to improve access to the financing which Jamaicans need to acquire assets that can position them to achieve wealth.

    Petal James, head of mortgage sales at JN Bank, said this year’s realtors’ incentive programme has been structured to be even bigger and better than its previous Off You Go! programme, and offers opportunities for realtors and developers to earn up to $1.5 million in prizes, in addition to attractive commission payments on all successful mortgage referrals.

    “The programme will offer even greater incentives; therefore, dealers will be able to benefit from attractive travel packages, a fabulous combination of commissions, exclusive club offers, and a grand prize,” she said.

    Miss James noted that as the premier private mortgage provider, JN Bank is dedicated to forging mutually beneficial relationships with its stakeholders.

    She noted that the programme will be officially launched early next month.

    “As we build and maintain strong partnerships with real estate professionals, we hope that our combined efforts will redound to the benefit of our members and customers, as they seek to fulfill their dream of homeownership,” she stated, pointing out that JN Bank consistently works to meet the evolving housing needs of Jamaicans.

    “Our mission and philosophy, to assist each Jamaican in their efforts to own a piece of the rock, have been consistent over the decades,” she stated. “This is because we firmly believe that homeownership is a vital component to stimulate national development and promote social stability.”

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