JN Fund Managers Launches Digital Onboarding

    JN Group

    JN Fund Managers, a member company of the Jamaica National Group is making it easier for prospective and existing clients to do business with the organisation with the introduction of its digital onboarding initiative, which allows individuals to open an account online.

    The initiative, which was launched on Monday, February 7 is accessible via the organisation’s website at www.jnfunds.com.

    “Individuals opening accounts with JN Fund Managers can now fill out their application online and provide us with all supporting documentation via the platform,” said Sharon Whitelocke, Deputy General Manager at JN Fund Managers.

    Mrs Whitelocke said the latest initiative is part of the JN Fund Managers’ digitisation strategy to deliver an enhanced client experience that is focussed on ease and convenience.

    “With our onboarding platform, individuals choosing to open an account with us can initiate this process at any time most convenient to them.  Opening the account does not have to be completed in one sitting, as the client has the ability to save at any point in the process and resume at a convenient time and place,” she explained.

    The JN Fund Managers’ Deputy General Manager said, the entire account opening process can be completed online.  She also advised the client will be required to submit a short video of him/herself as a part of the application process.

    “All the submissions are done online allowing for flexibility and convenience. The platform provides the applicant with a checklist of all the documents that are required to open the account and allows the submission to be done only when all requirements are attached.   In one sitting, the entire process can be completed in 10 minutes,” she explained.

    Once the application and supporting documents submitted online, meets our required standard and the references are checked, the client’s account would be opened within 24 hours. The client then gets a confirmation e-mail advising that the account has been opened and provide next steps information.

    “Providing our clients with digital solutions that offer ease and convenience is a strategic initiative of the JN Group and this is one such opportunity,” she said.

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