JN Group Saddened by Passing of Bill Johnson

    JN Group

    Photo Caption: Earl Jarrett (right), in conversation with pollster Bill Johnson during the JN Group’s Annual General Meeting in 2018. Mr Johnson, who passed on the weekend, provided market research and survey services to The Jamaica National Group for close to 20 years.

    The Jamaica National Group is deeply saddened by the passing of well-known researcher and pollster Bill Johnson.  

    Mr Johnson provided nearly two decades of service to The Jamaica National Group as a consultant researcher and analyst, conducting various surveys on behalf of the Group through his company Johnson Survey Research Limited. These services included various customer service surveys and market research, as well as surveys into employee sentiment. These efforts provided the leadership and employees of the JN Group, over the years, with key insight into JN’s engagement with its various stakeholders to guide the growth and success of the organisation.  

    Up to his death, Mr Johnson remained one of a handful of well-known pollsters in Jamaica whose results proved to be consistently accurate about stakeholder sentiment. This was supported by sound analyses of the data.    

    Chief Executive Officer of the JN Group, Hon Earl Jarrett, OJ, described Mr Johnson as a steadfast social scientist, who maintained a reputation for accuracy and integrity. 

    Mr Jarrett added: “His insightful analyses of the findings have been very useful in making important decisions regarding the direction of companies and strategies within the Group.”  

    “We are very grateful for the many years of service he gave to us and the growth that we have realised as a result of his work.”     

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