JN Group to Host Online Life Class on Wellness & Coping in COVID-19

    JN Group

    Kamala McWhinney, associate clinical psychologist and JN member.

    JN Brand Ambassadors, Agent Sasco and Kevin Downswell, will headline the JN Circle Thrive Together Life Class, a seven-part online series, which seeks to empower JN members and customers to thrive through COVID-19, by improving their intimate relationships.

    The JN Circle Thrive Together Life Class will be launched on Zoom and Facebook Live on Wednesday, May 20 at 6:30 pm, with a mental wellness forum, ‘Go Through It or Grow Through It: Managing Anxiety, Grief and Stress during this Crisis”.

    Thereafter, participants can join each class via a branded “virtual conference room,” on the Zoom platform; and each session will be live streamed on Facebook. Classes are two hours in duration; and will comprise a mix of activities, interviews, and lectures. The host of the series is Kamala McWhinney, associate clinical psychologist and JN member.

    Professor Wendel Abel, consultant psychiatrist and head of department of community health and psychiatry, Faculty of Medical Science at the University of the West Indies and Tracey-Ann Gutzmore, chief executive officer, Gutzmore Concepts, mother and entrepreneur, will also be panelists on the life class.

    Claudine Allen, Member Ombudsman, and head of the JN Circle, stated that the classes will focus on issues related to: resilience and coping, parenting, marriage and love, gender and self-care.

    Miss Allen pointed out that, “the JN Circle Life Class is for Jamaicans who want to grow during this current environment and thrive in the ‘new normal’. We are seeking to ensure that members and customers do not “shut down” mentally, by providing information and resources which will nurture the development of the requisite coping skills; and prepare them to live ‘boldly’ after this period of uncertainty.”

    Kamala McWhinney, host of the JN Life Class, informed that the series will be a vibrant space, which will provide therapy and togetherness, as well as, tips to thrive, especially in these stressful times.

    “We will talk about romantic relationships, parenting and self-care, and we will also create special spaces for our men to join us at the table. There will be weekly wellness challenges and all around good vibes. Therefore, if you are interested in getting your whole life leveled up, then there is a seat in this Life Class for you,” she said.

    Agent Sasco, Jamaican recording artiste and JN Group Ambassador, said that he looks forward to participating in the sessions. “The Jamaica National Group should be commended for an initiative of this nature. It is relatable and current, as many Jamaicans are faced with anxiety, grief and uncertainty at this time and the sessions will provide useful tips about how to manage these issues,” he informed.

    Other topics to be explored will include:

    • Self-Care is Self-love: Living Your Best Life While Single in COVID-19
    • Mars meets Venus: Cracking the man code and the woman code
    • Till Death do us Part: Keeping marriages healthy in a pandemic

    Persons can register for the online series by visiting www.myjncircle.com

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