JN Money Online Safe, Convenient, Easy to Use

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    For Wilfred Brown, a London resident and JN Money customer, the remittance company’s online service is safe, convenient and easy to use.

    JN Money Online is a new platform that allows persons in eight states in the United States of America; the United Kingdom and Canada to remit funds, pay bills, and conduct transactions with third party financial institutions in Jamaica.

    “I signed up after seeing the ad and found that it was convenient,” said Brown. “It was fast and easy to use.  And, I plan to continue using it,” he said.

    Brown said once he completed the registration process, the service was hassle-free.

    “The registration process wasn’t difficult. However, for identification purposes I had to provide some information and documents which I was assured was to protect me as well,” he said.

    Horace Hines, general Manager, JN Money Services, owners and operators of the JN Money brand explained that apart from affordability and convenience, the JN Money Online platform was designed to be user-friendly so customers would consider it as a viable method to send funds to Jamaica.

    “We designed the platform to be hassle-free and user-friendly as possible,” noted Mr. Hines. “We wanted our customers to feel comfortable using the site at any time of day in as little time as possible and this is one of the features of JN Money Online.”

    The service is easy to use. Customers only need to visit www.jnmoneyonline.com and register.

    “If the customer has forgotten his or her password, need an account, all he or she has to do is simply click on the relevant link below the login fields. Once that is completed, users need to validate their debit card,” he stated.

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