JNSBL Barber and Beauty Competition Offers More Prizes

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    In its fourth renewal, the JN Small Business Loans’ (JNSBL) Barber, Beauty Battle and Expo, to be mounted on April 29, will offer more prizes. The 2018 winners, in the respective categories will each take home a share of more than $3million in cash and prizes.

    These increased awards are part of the thrust of JN Small Business Loans (JNSBL) to provide tangible support to the beauty industry and bolster the company’s efforts to provide development opportunities for even more entrepreneurs in the industry.

    Gillian Hyde, general manager of the loan company, said that, “Based on our interaction with participants and industry stakeholders last year, we determined that it was necessary to increase our incentives to the sector, as we continue to identify ways to provide even greater support to this viable industry, as a significant area of growth in the economy.”

    She pointed out that to enhance investment in the sector, the participants in the competition will continue to benefit from training and certification from the Heart Trust/NTA.

    “Since we introduced our training component in 2016, participants have benefitted from the exercise, which leads to certification. Therefore, we will continue to improve this segment; as it allows more persons to be certified; and further positions the sector in line with international standards,” she stated.

    Mrs Hyde pointed out that the competition will include the same categories as last year: barbers, hairdressers, nail technicians and makeup artists and will include a new category for spas

    The competition, which was first held in 2015, has since become an inspiration for barbers, hairdressers, nail technicians and make-up artists, with many participating to increase their chances of becoming successful entrepreneurs.

    The general manager recalled that the idea for the competition emerged from a conversation between Earl Jarrett, Chief Executive Officer of The Jamaica National Group, and his barber.

    Since the introduction of the competition, the number of entries has increased significantly each year; and the participants have benefitted tremendously even after the competition.

    “Last year’s event was extremely competitive, with Damayo Riley winning the category for the barbers; Travene Walker for the hairdressers; Maxine Whitely for the nail technicians; and Ariel Hitchener for the make-up artists. And, we are confident that the competition will be more intense this year,” Mrs Hyde stated.

    Ockino Petrie, Marketing and Promotions Manager, JNSBL and chairman of the Barber and Beauty Organising Committee, noted, “the JNSBL Barber and Beauty Battle is now a calendar event within the sector, based on the opportunities it offers persons in the industry to expand their operations.”

    “It allows persons to establish themselves as being among the best; and to expand their businesses. We will also be implementing even more innovative ways such as special offers to members of the sector during this period,” Mr. Petrie added.

    Mr. Petrie also related that the barber and beauty industry has many talented persons; and the competition exposes their talent and creativity to others.

    To enter the JNSBL Barber and Beauty Battle 2018, industry professionals are invited to submit the best “before and after” photographs of their work. The top entrants will move on to the second round of the competition, in which members of the public will be requested to “vote” on their work on Facebook.

    Finally, six top persons in each category will compete at the Finale and Expo. The emerging barbers, hairdressers, make-up artists and nail technicians will compete against last year’s winners, in a defending champion’s battle for the coveted title The Barber and Beauty Champions 2018.

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