Resources to use conduct security checks


    USE RESOURCES – Use resources that are available to conduct security checks and keep safe. Our security webpage that you are now on will be updated with the latest cyber security messages to aid you throughout your banking journey with JN. Our JN Member Care agents are also available to assist you toll free at 1-888-991-4065/6 or 0-800-328-0387 (UK) or 1-800462-9003 (USA).

    Our Help desk can also be reached via email at or our we care team at

    All JN locations have representatives who are willing and capable to provide assistance.

    Click to find out other resources of information that are available to help you.


    Your JN team is aware that keeping secure can be overwhelming and all of us know that with COVID-19. We know that remembering every security tip, while on the go, can be challenging. Use resources that we have established to assist you along the way to remain JN SECURE. You are already aware of our 24/7 Member Care Centre, our online Help desk, websites and in-branch help. Did you know our suite of resources include:

    1. Online Newsletters – Have you subscribed to receive important information and updates about JN? Our newsletters not only showcase and promote products and services but very often provide security tips and address topical issues that will help you to make wise financial decisions. Don’t only subscribe but read them.
    2. Printed Newsletters – JN Living Well – This newsletter shares topical issues that are also relevant to develop the personal YOU. We want our members to be secured in health and wealth. Get your copy today at your local branch or read online here
    3. JN Circle Local Chapter – Are you aware that there are chapters set up in your parish that can help you? These are small groups of JN members and stakeholders who will discuss a wide range of subjects to improve YOU and help to develop your community. Click here to read more

    Use these resources and be JN SECURE

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