Ten Facts About Agent Sasco

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    For the past 16 years, February has been celebrated as Reggae Month in Jamaica after it was declared by the Government of Jamaica to commemorate the profound impact that the musical genre has and continues to have on the country’s cultural, social, and economic fabric.

    As we celebrate, we highlight our JN Group Ambassador Jeffrey Campbell, OD, more popularly known as Agent Sasco, for his contribution to our nation’s rich musical legacy for more than 20 years. He has had several hit singles and albums that have won him accolades nationally and overseas. Here are ten facts about the Jamaican music icon and JN Group Ambassador:

    1. He grew up primarily in Kintyre, St Andrew, but also spent time in Pedro District in St. Catherine and Cornwall Mountain in Westmoreland.
    2. He won his first deejay contest while in grade three at the Hope Valley Experimental School in Papine, St Andrew.
    3. With an early-discovered passion for music, he started his music career at 17 years old while at Camperdown High School.
    4. Dancehall giant Spragga Benz is one of his earliest mentors.
    5. Agent Sasco is also a producer, businessman and philanthropist who is passionate about the environment. Two of his philanthropic initiatives include being a mentor at the Metcalfe Street Secure Juvenile Remand Centre in Kingston and an ambassador for Recycling Partners of Jamaica.
    6. He built Diamond Studios in 2017, which then produced his last studio album, Hope River, in 2018.
    7. He, along with his wife Nicole, are the owners of Mulberry Valley Estate, a lush 20-acre farm which is also being developed for eco-tourism purposes.
    8. He has three children- Allyana, Lauren and Joshua.
    9. ‘Blacker the Berry’, a feature with Kendrick Lamar was released during Reggae Month 2015 and featured as a song at the Grammys.
    10. He’s won many awards. In 2022, he was conferred with a national award- the Order of Distinction (Officer Class) for Music and Philanthropy and in March 2023, he was also recognised by the Harvard University Caribbean Club as ‘Entertainer of the Year’.
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