Three Ways to Successfully Do Your Last-Minute Shopping for Back-to-School

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    Schools reopen next week, and you may not have had the chance to complete your back-to-school shopping. But no need to panic, here are three ways to get the most out of your last-minute back-to-school shopping.

    Use a list- Outside the regular book list from the school, also make your own list, taking into consideration items from the previous year that may be reused, so you can save money.

    Seek out discounts- Prices may go up as demand peaks just before schools reopen. Take advantage of discounts from different merchants, so you can reduce what you’ll have to spend in the last-minute rush. If you’re a JN member, you can receive up to 20 per cent discount from JN Rewards partners with your debit or JN Bank Visa credit card. [hyperlink]

    Use a JN Money Card for Convenience and Safety– If you’re receiving funds from abroad to assist with back-to-school shopping, ask your family and loved ones to send the cash via JN Money straight to your JN Money Card. You can receive funds from overseas directly to the card, which eliminates the need for you to join long lines at remittance agencies during this busy period. The JN Money Card can be used as an ATM card at any MultiLink ATM across Jamaica and used to make purchases at merchants with point-of-sale (card) machines, such as bookstores or other business places. It almost eliminates the need for you to walk with large sums of cash too, so you won’t be an easy target.

    The JN Money card is FREE. Just visit your nearest JN Bank with a valid government-issued ID and your TRN, or go to to apply. Applicants must be a minimum 18 years old to sign up.

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