Make a Donation

    Mustard Seed Communities provides residential care for children at risk and society’s most vulnerable.

    You can help Mustard Seed by donating:

    • Visiting the Mustard Seed website to donate using your credit card
    • Online directly from your JN account using JN LIVE, or by making a deposit via ATM or in Branch
    • Making a local bank transfer (ACH or RTGS) from any bank in Jamaica to  Mustard Seed Chequing account number: 20000155091 registered to Mustard Seed Missionaries
    • Donate from overseas at any JN Money location – fees will be waived or online at – standard fees will apply

    It’s Christmas! And, The Jamaica National Group will be lifting
    the spirits of our employees, members, customers, Jamaicans and
    friends of Jamaicans across the globe.

    Together We’re Strong

    Watch the virtual Christmas concert on,
    YouTubeThe Jamaica National Group

    Facebook – Voice Newspaper, JN Foundation, JN Bank, JN Money
    and JN Group

    Instagram – JN Bank

    on Sunday, December 20 starting at 2 pm (North America and Jamaica time)
    and 7 pm (UK time).

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    Together We Are Strong Online Concert presented by the JN Group