Top Up Your Cell Phone on JN Bank LIVE!


    Welcome to the third in our monthly Do it on JN Bank LIVE series, where we will be telling you how to make the most of our online banking platform with convenience at your fingertips. There are several features that you can utilise on JN LIVE to make your banking experience and daily life much easier. Today’s feature is Phone Top-Up! Using JN Bank Live, you can top up your or anyone’s Digicel or Flow cell phone in five easy steps:

    Step 1– Sign into JN LIVE and select “Phone Top Up”
    Step 2– Insert your transaction password
    Step 3– Enter the cell phone number
    Step 4– Select the card type and the amount of phone credit you want to buy
    Step 5– Click “Submit”.

    Up to five phone numbers that you have bought credit for are stored on the platform at any one time. That means once the number is still stored, you don’t have to re-enter the number you want to buy credit for. All you have to do is select it from the first drop down menu.

    Look out for more tips in our Do it on JN Bank LIVE series next month!

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