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    Welcome to the second in our monthly Do it on JN Bank LIVE series, where we show you how to make the most of our online banking platform so that you can do your banking from the comfort of wherever you are, anytime. There are several features that you can use on JN Bank LIVE to make your banking experience and daily life much easier.

    This month we’ll explain how you can transfer funds to other JN Bank accounts or to accounts at other banks. JN was one of the first financial institutions to offer this service in Jamaica.

    Using JN Bank Live, you can transfer funds to your own JN Bank accounts, other JN Bank accounts, local banks and even conduct international wire transfers. Wire transfers and transferring to local banks are done at a minimal cost, however, funds transfers between JN accounts is absolutely free!

    Here are five easy steps to transfer funds on JN Bank LIVE:

    Step 1– Sign in to JN LIVE

    Step 2-Select “Transfers”

    Step 3– Depending on where you want to transfer the funds to, click “Transfer Within My JN Accounts”, “Transfer to Other JN Accounts”, “Local Banks” or “Wire Transfer” from your dashboard.

    Step 4– Enter your transaction password.

    Step 5– Select the account from which you will be transferring money, input the beneficiary and amount being transferred, and then select ‘Transfer’.

    N.B. The required information will vary across transaction types.

    Sending funds with JN Bank is easy. You can also save transferees, so that the next time you want to send money to those accounts, you don’t have to put in their information again.  To do this, just select ‘Transfers’in the menu bar and then ‘Set up Transferee’. To send next time, just click ‘Saved Transferees’ to access your transferees.

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