View Loan Balances and Make Loan Payments on JN Bank LIVE


    There are several features that you can utilise on JN Bank LIVE to make your banking experience and daily life much easier.

    Did you know that you can view your JN Bank loan balance on JN Bank LIVE and make payments too? And it’s pretty easy. You can also add multiple loan accounts.

    Here’s how in five easy steps:

    1. Sign into JN Bank LIVE.
    2. Click “Customer Service” then the “Add/Remove Accounts” button.
    3. Click “Add Account” and put in the required info.
    4. To view your loan balance, click “Loans” and then “Summary Balance” to see your loan balance
    5. To make a loan payment, click “Loans”, then “Payments”, put in the required information and click “Pay”.

    And that’s it! Look out for more tips in our Do it on JN Bank LIVE series next month!

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