What do I SHARE and why

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    It is true that sometimes we fall prey to criminal activities and we keep it a secret because of shame or fear.  Unfortunately, criminals thrive on these and continue to perpetuate crimes that could often be stopped if only reported from the very first time.  Don’t be scammed or blackmailed. Keeping it private is aiding the criminals and exposing someone else. SHARE what you know or your experience. What do I SHARE and why

    Members Outside Jamaica:

    1. Requesting Personal Data

    The Internal Revenue Service or any other tax body advising that a payment is due and you should provide personal or account information. Delete immediately and Share the attempt with the relevant organisation.

    2. Demands by Telephone, Email or Social Media

    If you receive a call demanding that you pay outstanding taxes immediately, you are asked to make payment using cards or to wire funds, you were just contacted by scammers posing as tax collectors. Hang up immediately and Share.

    Legitimate government entities will not email or send a message via social media threatening you with arrest or deportation, demand immediate payment or ask for your personal information.

    3. Data and Identity Theft

    It is possible that you can become a victim of identity or data theft. Scammers can access your data from you or tax professionals and log into your tax return filing database. They will then demand a refund of taxes and proceed to threaten you to comply with their demands for money as refund.

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