What should I RETAIN and why?

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    You may be drowning in paper work and tired of keeping those receipts and statements. However, these annoying papers are often the keys used by investigators to unlock and solve some of the crime puzzles.  Moving to online banking could save you the hassle of keeping a hard copy file with all those important papers. You could simply move online statements and receipts to a secured folder on your computer. Can’t get away from those supermarket and store bills though. These too are important to verify transactions. If you can, scan them and save them online! What should I RETAIN and why?

    ·         Keep all receipts until bills are fully repaid to help you with reconciliation exercise

    ·         Never delete evidence, such as text messages or email, of attempt to defraud

    ·         Save all statements issued for bills. It is recommended that you keep at least the last three statements

    ·         File proof of bill payments for a period of six months

    ·         It is also to retain electronic copies of bills and receipts with printed copies as back up

    ·         Letters or documents on rulings in respect of matters that were investigated and resolved. Keep these records for at least 7 years

    ·         All original documents such as Title, Birth certificate, Passport, TRN, TIN, SSN, valid identification or any other important materials in a safe or file at home or where it is secured.

    ·         Keep a copy of all important documents, should your originals get misplaced, stolen or erased by ransomware, This could help with replacements much faster and could temporary assist you when dealing with the police

    ·         Keep a mini file of document for processing applications such as mortgage

    ·         Maintain a calm tone and don’t let the scammer know that you are on to his tricks.

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