Who doesn’t like a good deal?

    JN Group

    We all love to receive discounts on good offers such as a sale on an item you couldn’t afford or a good price on that dream vacation. Alas! Sometimes they are real but other times they are too good to be true. Know when to click and when to draw brake

    Understanding your JN business patterns and knowing what scammers are capable of, positions you ahead of the game. Scammers camouflage themselves and strike when you least expect it.

    So what are you to look for?

    Special Online Offers

    Always be on the alert for those hard-to-resist online offers. It is true that JN often rewards customers and members with special offers, but here is how we do it:

    ·         Online advertisements via JN Group websites or our social media pages

    ·         Advertised promotional events

    ·         Promotional material sent from JN email which is….

    ·         Public advertisements via electronic and print media

    ·         Our JN Member Care Centre

    Be on the alert for warning signs. The JN Group respects your privacy and will NEVER :

    ·         Check before you click on Ads. Don’t become as victim of clickjacking

    ·         Pressure you to respond immediately to an offer

    ·         Ask you to provide your password, username or PIN for your accounts

    ·         Seek your personal data, except for security verification purposes when you contact us

    ·         Invite you to complete forms in links in text messages or emails

    ·         Ask you for a prepaid debit card or money to redeem an offer

    ·         Make contact from a  country in which we do not operate, a number not officially listed on  our websites, or a strange email

    ·         Have a random person call you

    Remember, all JN representatives must properly identify them self, their location and make reference to the offer.

    Overly Willing Good Samaritan

    Very often we are distracted by the charismatic and helpful good Samaritan. While it is true that there are good people out there who are willing to help, you must exercise due care to ensure that you are not a victim of scammer. These people are always lurking around to target the most vulnerable victim. If you are elderly or knows little about using technology to comduct your business, you may become a target.

    Never trust a stranger with your sensitive data including your PIN. If you are in the ATM and need help immediately, call us toll free. If you are using an ATM near the banking hall, step up out and ask a JN representative to assist you.

    Enter and Exit with care after Using the ATM, and Online Platforms etc.

    Always remember that scammers are everywhere. You must treat with cyber space as you would physical space when transacting online business.

    On entering the online space, just as you would on entering and exiting the ATM or banking hall     browse to see if all is well and appears normal. Once satisfied, proceed to do your transaction. After using your online platform, be sure to sign out properly. Do not merely close the window.

    Even online, avoid conversations with strangers about the type of transaction you are about to do or have done, especially when using the Express locations or public machines. Never share your screen online or do video calling.

    Exercise Due Care. Always shred paper that has confidential information, never store your personal data on your cellular telephone, desist from sharing information via social media, including WhatsApp, and always use different passwords to conduct your business on various online portals.

    If you have been defrauded, immediately Share the information with the relevant authorities and the fraud squad in your area.

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