Earn Financial Rewards for Referring Clients!


    JN Fund Managers Ltd. is pleased to introduce the Referral Rewards Programme that will allow all JN Group team members to earn $5,000 for each person referred who becomes a client of JN Fund Managers.

    The application, labelled JNGI Staff Rewards, is shown at the bottom left, of your desktop and is to be used when logging all referrals. The link can also be accessed at any time, on any device: https://jngi.formstack.com/forms/staff_rewards

     Eventually, Salesforce.com will be available for use by all employees but until that time, the JNGI Staff Rewards application will be available to you to enter the name and other information of the person that is being referred, that is not already a client of JN Fund Managers.

    Upon receiving the referral, one of JN Fund Managers’ financial advisors will make contact with the person.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Jonathon Khoury via telephone at: (876) 470-9764 or email at: jkhoury@jngroup.com.

    Click here to download document.

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