Smishing is on the Rise. Don’t be Fooled!


    What is a Smishing scam?

    Smishing scams involve the use of text messages or other short message systems to trick an individual into providing sensitive data by falsely claiming to be from a legitimate business.

    What does a smishing text look like? It looks like this!

    JN Bank will never send you a text like this. Do not click the link!

    Here’s how smishing scams work.

    1. The fraudster sends you a text/ SMS message.
    2. The text contains a link that says you must click because of an emergency with your bank account or credit card.
    3. If you click the link, it may take you to a webpage that looks like your bank’s website. It may ask for your username, password, 16-digit credit card or debit card number & expiry date or other personal and sensitive details. If you input the information, you will receive an error message.
    4. Your information is transmitted to the fraudster who can then use it to take over your bank account, credit card or debit card.

    What you should do if you receive a suspicious text.

    JN Bank will never send you a message asking for your account number, password, personal identification number, also known as your PIN, or all 16 digits of your credit card number and the expiry date.

    If you receive a text message that leaves you concerned, contact our JN Member Care at:

    • 888-438-5627, 888-991-4065/6 (Toll-free)
    •  876-906-5343, 876-926-1344, 876-618-0188, 876-619-2810 (from Jamaica)
    • 1-800-462-9003 (from USA & Canada)
    • 0-800-328-0387 (from the UK)

    Or send us an email at

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