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    Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 7:00 pm

    Missed our Pre-Diaspora Conference Webinars? No worries! Watch the recordings now to gain valuable insights on small business opportunities, both locally and internationally, or to learn how we can support you with property management and real estate services.

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    ‘Your Investment is Safe’ Govt, Business Leaders Assure Diaspora

    Brando Hayden, managing director of JN Fund Managers, a member company of the JN Group, is assuring Jamaicans overseas that the country’s financial and real estate systems have the requisite and robust safeguards to protect their investments. Underlining the negative experiences and consequent fear and apprehension many returned residents have after being victimised by those […]

    Solar-Powered Air Conditioning and EV Maintenance: Promising Businesses for the Future, Says UWI Professor

    Professor Dale Webber, director of the Centre for Marine Sciences at The University of the West Indies, Mona, has predicted a bright future for businesses focused on solar-powered air conditioning and electric vehicle (EV) maintenance. Speaking during a JN Group-sponsored breakout session on ‘Green Entrepreneurship’ at the 10th Biennial Diaspora Conference, Professor Webber highlighted that […]

    Investing in Real Estate from Overseas? Consider a Property Manager

    JN Properties’ General Manager, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Garfield Sean Prendergast is encouraging Jamaicans living overseas who are interested in taking advantage of the current real estate boom in Jamaica to consider hiring a property management company to protect their investment. Property management companies are entities that oversee residential, commercial, or industrial real estate. They are […]