Managing Director

    Lowenfield Alleyne joined Total Credit Services Limited as Managing Director, with responsibility for the Contact Centre, in August 2021.

    Mr Alleyne prides himself on being an extremely organised, results-oriented individual with an exceptional track record of leading teams of skilled managers to deliver exceptional results in a BPO industry.

    He is tasked with identifying strategic growth opportunities for TCS Limited through key partnerships with stakeholders, while engaging an active contact centre management team who will, by extension, inspire the wider team to be effective customer service champions.

    Mr Alleyne has a vast knowledge base, specifically over 16 years of experience in leading multifunctional and multilingual teams across the Americas, along with advocating and championing key initiatives geared at the development of the BPO industry.

    In his previous roles, he has spearheaded a number of projects, while providing mentorship to his team members and creating opportunities to facilitate positive change. In his most recent role as Director of Sutherland Global, he was responsible for finance and accounting and Customer Care programmes in multiple countries.

    These qualities, along with his educational qualifications in Business Administration and a Professional Certification in Accounting, will help to bring about positive change and renewed alignment with the ONE JN vision.