About #JNPOWEROFPINK PINK40 Beyond the Ribbon

    When it comes to breast cancer detection, for many women 40 is where it all begins… Even though several may be diagnosed before, age 40 is the recommended starting point for active tracking and monitoring of your breast health. It’s also the age when women need to work most on strengthening their support systems (friends, siblings, parents, relatives, partners), as they embark on the journey to ‘knowing’… and breaking pass the ribbon!

    Why is JN dedicated to the fight against breast cancer

    As an organisation, we have long championed the fight against cancer, including breast cancer, by raising awareness of the disease annually; paying homage to the warriors fighting relentlessly; celebrating the survivors; and raising funds to support the fight against cancer.

    How can you
    join the fight?

    This year, The Jamaica National Group, through the efforts of some of its member companies- JN Bank, JN Money, JN General Insurance, JN Fund Managers, JN Life- and its philanthropic arm, JN Foundation, has created various ways for you to play your part in the fight against breast cancer. Here are the different ways you can support:

    Visa Credit Card holders

    • Apply for a limited edition JN Bank Power of Pink Visa credit card
    • If you take up the Visa credit card offer, you will benefit from a waiver of the first year’s annual fee.
    • For every transaction with your Visa credit card during the month of October, J$10 will be donated to the Jamaica Cancer Society

    Debit Cardholders

    • When you open a new savings account, you’ll have the option to receive a JN Bank Power of Pink debit card, while stocks last, to show your support for the cause
    • If you are an existing account holder who would like to obtain the special edition debit card, you may do so at the required cost
    • If you’re a JN Money customer in Jamaica or overseas, you have the chance to be one of 40 persons who will be able to nominate a female family member or a friend in Jamaica age 40 and older to receive a free mammogram
    • If you’re a customer overseas, donate to the Jamaica Cancer Society and Reach for Recovery at your JN Money branch or agent
    • Every time you send money to Jamaica using JN Money from anywhere in the world during the month of October, J$1 will also be donated to the Jamaica Cancer Society and Reach for Recovery
    • If you’re in Jamaica, you can also donate by depositing your contribution in cans placed in JN MoneyShops and agent locations locally
    • Be one of 40 customers to get a limited edition of the JN Money Pink Card to show your support for the fight against breast cancer when you sign up online during the month of October
    • Access an exclusive financial planning consultation session, once an appointment is confirmed through the JN Funds Manager’s online appointment portal
    • You could be one of 10 women to receive a JN Mutual Funds Gift Certificate valued at J$10,000* when you make an appointment to participate in a financial planning session
    • Get a $5,000 Gift Certificate towards a critical illness plan*
    • If you’re among the first 300 motor insurance transactions done in-branch during October, J$500 will be donated to the Jamaica Cancer Society and Jamaica Reach to Recovery
    • Be one of 40 women to receive a 15% discount when you sign up for a motor vehicle insurance during the campaign period*

    Name Your Hero

    Submit the name of a Hero or Warrior who continues to fight bravely or who has lost the battle against breast cancer.

    Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

    The signs and symptoms of breast cancer are varied, and according to the Centers for Disease Control in the United States of America, some persons may not experience symptoms at all.

    Here are few common indications that you may have breast cancer:

    • Lump in breast or underarm
    • Thickening or swelling of part of the breast
    • Irritation or dimpling of breast skin
    • Redness or flaky skin in the nipple area or breast
    • Pulling in of the nipple or pain in the nipple area

    Early detection saves lives. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please see a medical doctor right away.