'Aint No Giving In...'
    ...Cervical Cancer.

    Relaying for a Cancer Free World. Let’s Do it!


    The JN Group pledges its continued support to the Jamaica Cancer Society (JCS) main fundraising initiative, Relay For Life 2019, as it seeks “to eliminate cancer as a major health problem in Jamaica.”  In 2019, JN Group will focus on cervical cancer but is sending a message to everyone that there is “aint no giving in” to any cancer.

    Ladies, it is time to take charge.

    Get tested early. ‘Aint no giving in’ ever to cancer and not Cervical Cancer.

    If you have cervical cancer, there is ‘aint no giving in’ to giving up. Embrace life, Get help and stay focused. Men, stand firm by our women as together we say ‘aint no giving in’ to cancer.

    In 2019, JN Group with JCS continue to:
    “Relay for a Cancer Free World. Let’s do it!”

    June 1-2, 2019

    237 University of Technology, Kingston 6

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    Make a Pledge

    • Online Transfer by JN LIVE to JN Bank RSV 10229298
    • Cheque made payable to Relay for Life- JN Group
      Wire Transfer to Relay for Life- JN Group – RSV 10229298
    • Cash at any JN location across the island.

    Purchasing Luminaria bags

    • Visit JN LIVE to make your purchase to HONOUR a survivor or in Memory of a loved one.
    • Email receipt to akirlew@jngroup.com along with a photo and the name of your loved one. (optional)
    • Decorated bags will be placed around the track on relay night.

    Call (876) 936-0256 or email: akirlew@jngroup.com for more information.

    Relay for Life is an annual team event to:

    • Promote cancer awareness
    • Advocate for cancer screening
    • Give support to survivors
    • Remember loved ones who have passed

    1% of funds raised at Relay for Life is repatriated to the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) to fund cancer research, which has lead to ground-breaking discoveries including the bone marrow transplant and cancer drugs such as Gleevee and Tamoxifen.

    Cervical Cancer

    Colour: White and teal

    Thanks to early preventive screenings, more people are surviving cervical cancer than ever before. According to the Foundation for Women’s Cancer, regular tests, such as the Pap smear, have reduced deaths from the disease by more than 70 percent.

    Click here to visit the Jamaica Cancer Society Website www.jamaicacancersociety.org