Project Title: “Financing Water Adaptation in Jamaica’s New Urban Housing Sector”


    1. Background

    In March, 2017, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Jamaica National (JN) Group signed Cooperative Agreements, which provide the JN Bank and the JN Foundation with funding to execute a four-year project entitled “Financing Water Adaptation in Jamaica’s New Urban Housing Sector”, also referred to as The Water Project Jamaica.

    The project was designed to address water management issues related to climate change, which is the most serious threat to sustainable development facing Small Island Developing States (SIDS).  In the case of Jamaica, drought and shifting patterns of rainfall will exacerbate serious challenges already impacting the country’s water supply and distribution system such as capital and operational budgetary constraints, aging assets, high non-revenue water, high energy costs, population growth, urbanization and environmental degradation.  There is also the problem of inconsistent water supply negatively impacting local communities as well as the business models of housing developers and construction companies.  In addition, limited financing and an uncertain business case for water adaptation are barriers to the uptake of water efficient measures by the housing development sector.

    To tackle these issues, the JN Group and the IDB have embarked on a partnership to improve the water use efficiency by Jamaican households and to increase climate resilient housing on the island.  The project leverages a US $1,179,400 non-reimbursable financing in the form of technical assistance to promote the integration of water adaptation measures into the housing sector in Jamaica; foster new business opportunities in water efficient products and services for MSMEs in Jamaica; and support entrepreneurship in private solutions for climate resilience.

    The JN Foundation, through the Project Executing Unit, has overall responsibility for project implementation and will be guided by the Cooperative Agreements and the IDB-approved annual work plans.

    1. Project Objective

    The project seeks to enhance Jamaica’s climate resilience through the use of water adaptation technology in the country’s housing sector.

    1. Specific Objectives


    The specific objectives of the project are to:


    (i)            facilitate the uptake of water adaptation measures in the housing sector across Jamaica, including the use of rain water harvesting systems, water efficient taps and showers, low-flush toilets, efficient irrigation systems, grey water recycling facilities, among other appropriate efficiency measures;

    (ii)           increase climate resilient housing in Jamaica, through greater awareness of the business and financial cases for developing and building homes with water efficient measures; and

    (iii)          Increase the efficiency in the use of water by Jamaican homes, improve the reliability of water supply and thereby enhance Jamaica’s water security and climate resilience.

    1. Project Components

    The Technical Cooperation Component has four sub-components and will be administered by the JN Foundation.  These sub-components include: (a) demonstrating the business case for water efficiency for developers and construction companies, and the financial case for water adaptation in households, (b) building local capacity to design and install water adaptation measures, (c) supporting a climate resilience entrepreneurship program, and (d) raising awareness of the threats of climate change and the related opportunities presented by water efficiency by local businesses, financial institutions, civil society and the Government of Jamaica.

    1. Service Required / Purpose of Consultancy

    The JN Foundation is seeking to engage the services of an experienced Consultant who can design, plan and execute a three-day Climate Change, Sustainability and Innovation Summit aimed at:

    (1)          Sparking a high visibility national conversation on the realities of climate change, its impact on our way of life and ways to facilitate adaptation and resilience, with special focus on water resiliency and the residential sector

    (2)          Raising awareness amongst target populations of climate change & adaptation and water resiliency & adaptation and information that is available for consumption

    (3)          Display of multiple climate smart business models/solutions that are actively addressing climate resilience generally, but with a special focus on water adaptation and the residential industry

    (4)          Energizing and exciting individuals to see possibilities and opportunities in the climate smart business industry

    (5)          Generating discussion on the key needs to be addressed in order to create a more enabling policy framework that supports the growth of the climate smart business sector

    (6)          Identification/Invitation of international stakeholders in the climate resilience industry

    1. General Objective of the Consultancy

    The general objective of the Consultancy is to plan and execute a high visibility national summit in March 2021 on climate change with specific focus on measures that support the uptake of water efficiency measures in the housing sector across Jamaica. Specific opportunity is to be created for the participation of regional partners as needed/identified.

    The activities to be undertaken are listed below and should serve as a guide to the overall scope of the assignment.

    1. Scope of Work

    Under the supervision of the Project Manager, the Consultant will be responsible for the following activities:

    (1)          Developing & executing event concept

    (2)          Concept to be inclusive of engagement of associated JN Brands and JN members involvement

    (3)          Developing and managing budget for delivery; manage in an auditable manner

    (4)          Identifying and engaging potential partners and speakers necessary for executing concept. Concept should include bio on speakers.

    (5)          Managing various associated procurement activities

    (6)          Developing & implementing all collateral related to advertisement, soliciting proposals and securing maximum engagement (e.g. for social media & other agreed platforms)

    (7)          Developing & executing communications plan to generate maximum visibility for the initiative, including maximum promotion to & engagement of key audiences during event

    (8)          Co-ordinating various suppliers and elements of two-day event, including coordinating deployment of all identified in-house resources i.e. manage delivery of the event on the identified dates

    (9)          Developing & implementing an effective method of capturing participant feedback

    (10)        Creation of a registry of all attendees in general and specifically also suppliers in attendance, inclusive of primary climate resilient products/services they offer

    (11)        Producing post event report

    1. Key Performance Indicators

    Expected Outputs:

    (1)          Event Concept

    (2)          Partner and Speaker Identification

    (3)          Media, Social media & event collateral

    (4)          Communication, promotion & visibility plan

    (5)          Well-executed event (well-attended, efficient management of agenda, engaging panellists & speakers, excited & satisfied attendees)

    (6)          Attendance registry

    (7)          Post event report, inclusive of participant feedback


    1. Qualifications and Basic Requirements


    –              Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Social Science, Business Administration, or a related discipline

    –              At least eight (8) years’ experience designing and executing events

    –              At least three (5) years’ demonstrated experience in managing budgets,

    –              Fluency in English

    –              Excellent written, oral & presentation skills

    –              Excellent attention to detail

    –              Ability to develop good working relationships with a wide range of people

    –              Ability to work well as part of a diverse team in a dynamic environment

    1. Start Date and Duration:

    The assignment will commence on November 09th 2020 and end on submission of submission of final two deliverables (post event report and summit attendance registry) to a maximum of 1 week after event date.

    1. Applications:

    Interested parties are to submit applications to The Project Manager, Water Project Jamaica by 4:00pm on November 6, 2020 to foundationjobs@jngroup.com .


    A complete application must consist of:

    –              CV that outlines and highlights key qualifications

    –              CV that demonstrates similar work executed for other clients

    –              A proposed timeline for managing the execution of the consultancy

    –              At least 5 organisational references for whom you’ve executed events

    –              A proposed delivery fee (to cover delivery of the full consultancy, related to consultant’s time only. Costs related to delivery of event, collateral etc will be factored separately.

    If shortlisted, please note that you will be required to provide a valid Jamaican Tax Compliance Certificate to advance in the selection process.

    We thank all persons for interest, but please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

    Please see Appendix 1 for proposed overview of payment schedule for this consultancy.


    Appendix 1 – Payment Schedule

    Consulting services will commence on November 09, 2020 and end on submission of final two deliverables (post event report & supplier registry) within a maximum of 1 week after event date.


    Work Stage/Deliverables % of Contract Sum Payment Condition & Due Date
    Event Concept (inclusive of draft Budget & Partner and Speaker Identification 10% On review & acceptance


    November 20th 2020

    Completion of media/social media call-out activities, identification & design of all associated collateral 15% On completion of design & dissemination


    December 15th 2020

    Communication, promotions & visibility plan 15% On review & acceptance


    November 27th 2020

    Execution of communications, promotions & visibility plan 10% On completion of staging of event


    March 26th 2021

    Event Execution 30% On completion of execution & post event de-brief


    March 31st 2021

    Summit Attendance registry & post-event report 20% On review and acceptance

    April 15th 2021

    For further information, please contact The Project Manager at 876-926-1344 ext. 5154.