Asking the Right Questions

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    “I don’t know” There is nothing embarrassing about saying these words. You can’t know everything and therefore time should be spent to ask. Ask pertinent questions and get the right answers before you act.  Assuming may put you in a financial dog house later. What do I need to ENQUIRE about.

    You just received an email alert about a loan offer. It looks legitimate, because you had made several queries via email about loan offers and did several searches on the web. It is more than you needed, and the terms are great! You are invited to apply now as the offer expires in 10 minutes. Your credit card is only needed to pay the processing fee which is reasonable, given the sum

    1.    Research company background and name of Loans Officer

    2.    Call a JN location and enquire about the offer

    3.    Ask the caller for his JN landline contact number. Scammers will disappear if you ask them to provide you with a number to call back.

    4.    Probe the location they are calling from.

    5.    Tell the caller that you are NOT interested. 

    6.    Only apply for loans through authentic sites.

    If any of the above should happen to you, report it immediately by calling   876-968-5096, 876-960-5508 or via email at or

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