Four Reasons to Avoid Getting Your Driver’s Licence Suspended

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    Have you ever thought of the possible consequences you could incur if your driver’s licence becomes suspended?

    Under the new Road Traffic Act, losing 10 points could result in your licence being suspended for six months.  If you lose 14 points, your licence will be suspended for a year, and amassing 20 or more points could mean you won’t be able to drive for at least two years.

    Depending on the traffic violation committed, a certain number of points will be taken off your driver’s licence.  Some offences such as careless driving causing a collision, exceeding the speed limit in a construction zone by 50 or more kilometres per hour, and exceeding the speed limit in a school safety zone by 50 or more kilometres per hour will result in a loss of 10 points in one instant.

    Losing points off your driver’s licence can be a real inconvenience. Some of the potential consequences of a suspended driver’s licence include:

    1. Risk of losing your job or difficulty in getting one: If your job requires you to operate a company vehicle, having your licence suspended could result in the loss of your job.  It could also make it difficult to get hired for jobs in the transport sector.

    2. Increased stress and anxiety:  A suspended driver’s licence can take a toll on your mental health particularly if your family depends on you to get around. It can also affect your ego particularly if you consider yourself to be a careful driver.

    3. Difficulty getting around:  Think of the inconvenience of having to take public transportation or having to fit in other persons’ schedule so you can get a ride from them to go to work or to other important appointments.  Also, routine tasks such as grocery shopping will be more challenging as you will not be able to manage the extra load if you are travelling on a bus.

    4. Alternative transportation could be costly: Frequently chartering a taxi for you and your family to get around could cause your budget to explode, resulting in you sacrificing other things to absorb the additional travel expenses

    A suspended driver’s licence will set you back significantly.  Not only will it cause you to lose your independence, but it can create a financial strain.

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