How to Handle An Unauthorised Credit Card Transaction on Your JN Bank Visa Credit Card


    Did you receive an alert for an unknown credit card transaction, or do you believe that your credit card may be compromised?  If so, here’s what you should do:

    1. Contact our Member Care Centre urgently to request a temporary block and a replacement of your credit card at:
      • 888-991-4065 or 876-906-5343 (Jamaica)
      • 1-800-462-9003 (USA/Canada)
      • 0800-328-0387 (UK)

    and select OPTION 1 for JN Bank VISA Credit Card

    1. Monitor your next two (2) credit card statements to see if the unauthorised transaction(s) are charged.
    1. If the transaction(s) appear on your statement, immediately complete the Disputed Transaction Claim Form (hyperlink) for the charged amount(s) and submit by email to or deliver same to your nearest JN Bank location.

    N.B:    The Disputed Transaction Claim Form must be submitted within 30 days of the date the contested transaction(s) presented/appeared on your statement. JN Bank is not liable for transaction disputes reported beyond this timeframe.

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