Staff Director

    Coleta Shields, Manager – JN Group Corporate Integrity Unit, was elected via employee vote to the role of Staff Director in November 2021.

    Ms Shields is an experienced Attorney-at-Law who specialises in Family Law, Probate and Conveyancing. In her current role, she channels her insight and expertise toward the protection of all JN Group stakeholders from instances of fraud by conducting professional investigations into allegations of financial improprieties and violations of codes conduct that could negatively affect the Group’s integrity.

    As Staff Director, she is called upon to be a representative figure for the interests of the JN family – a reminder that in all decisions, People come first!

    When asked what the best thing about being Staff Director is, Ms Shields noted that the experience has been a great learning opportunity for her. “I became interested in becoming the staff director because I wanted to have first-hand knowledge and experience of the governance process. So far, I believe I have a better understanding of the overall direction and strategy of the business from the board meetings I have attended to date. I have to ensure that I prepare for each board meeting which usually includes a lot of reading, sometimes researching, to better understand some of the financial terminologies. This allows me to provide sound and valuable input! My hope is to be the best representative I can be.”

    She is a graduate of the Norman Manley Law School and is currently pursuing her Certification in Fraud Examination. She is also trained in investigative interviewing and digital document authentication.