Taking Control of Personal Data, Safeguarding Customer Trust

    JN Group

    January 28 is internationally observed as Data Privacy Day, and this year it is being celebrated under the theme, “Take Control of Your Data”.

    The Jamaica National Group takes pride in the fact that our customers, members and employees trust us to safeguard their personal data. Each time we interact with personal data, we contribute to the foundation of the trust placed in us.  We are committed to preserving this trust and being vigilant with every interaction, every transaction and every decision we make that concerns the personal data that we hold. Here are actions we take to safeguard personal data:

    • Training of JN Group employees
    • Limited access to customer and employee data
    • Utilize encryption methods to protect personal data to prevent unauthorized access
    • Collect and retain only personal data that is essential for business purpose and dispose of unnecessary data responsibly and in accordance with our data retention policies
    • Timely reporting of any suspicions or incidents of data breach to enable swift action to mitigate potential impacts
    • Vigilance against phishing attempts

    We are committed to the highest privacy standards at The Jamaica National Group and to safeguarding customer trust.

    Shelly-Ann Walker

    Data Protection Officer

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