I was first introduced to the Be Wise Financial Empowerment programme at a staff meeting in January 2018 at a JAMPRO staff meeting. Rose Miller presented on smart financial decisions we can begin to make and how the programme can help us achieve our financial goals realistically. I reached out to Rose soon after the session. She has been a consistent source offering a directory of financial reads, accountability partner, and financial decision sounding board. The programme has certainly enlightened me to best practices I was not aware of and also a reiteration of those I already knew, confirming that I was on the right path for some things. Through the programme, I have been able to learn more about saving automatically, save more-spend less through self-control, the right way to plan financially, including applying the 10-10-80 rule, and how to select better investment products that suit my need. I have truly been empowered to make wiser financial decisions and I am glad I made the call! Looking forward to a continued relationship/coaching through the programme.