Just taking time out to wish you and the staff of the JN Foundation Happy Holidays.

    I would also like to say many thanks for the encouragement to attend the Financial Empowerment Seminar. My life has changed tremendously since then. I have learnt to make saving a top priority, invest and spend little to enjoy more. I now use coupons and take advantage of special offers. Not only am I budgeting, I have always budgeted but now I am sticking to my budget. Time gone if I am asked for money after budgeting I would give it and then lessen my own needs or wants, now I am able to say “sorry I can’t afford it, it was not in my budget.” So much has changed for me financial and I know there is more to come. I used to be scared of credit cards and now I own one, it doesn’t own me.

    Thank you once more JN Foundation team. You have made my Christmas look bright and the New Year will be even brighter.