JN Properties to Host Webinar Showcasing Opportunities for Real Estate Investment in Jamaica

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    Photo Caption: Lt Colonel (Retired) Garfield Prendergast

    With the Jamaican real estate market predicted to reach US$128 billion (£101.9 billion) by 2028, JN Properties is staging a webinar on June 6 for persons resident in the United Kingdom to provide key information about numerous real estate opportunities in Jamaica.

    The webinar, Jamaica Property Boom: Innovations, Regulations and Opportunities, will be held via Zoom, and provide information on the ins and outs of Jamaica’s real estate sector, and the benefits of employing property managers.

    “The Jamaican real estate market is in a boom, with Statista, the German-based analytics and data gathering website, forecasting that the Jamaican market will be worth some US$93 billion or just over £74 billion this year and approximately US$128 billion (£101.9 billion) by 2028,” stated Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Garfield Prendergast, Managing Director, JN Properties Limited.

    “This means that the market is ripe for investment opportunities.  The webinar we are hosting is targeted at first to update persons living in the United Kingdom on the real estate prospects in Jamaica; and various services offered by JN Properties, to include real estate dealership services, property management, project management, property development and advisory services,” he added.

    Lt Col. Prendergast informed that the webinar will be featuring presentations from various noted professionals in the Jamaican market.

    “Our guest speaker will be a housing and development expert based in Jamaica, who will inform the audience of trends in the Jamaican market and how they can make a return on their investments,” he explained.

    The JN Properties team will also provide information about property management and how it can assist property owners and investors.

    “We will also be presenting information on how property management companies like ours can help owners make the most of their investment by taking on the stress of managing the property, maintaining it, and to ensure it retains or increases in value. We find the contractors for the client if the property needs repairs, we also find tenants and ensure that rent is received on time. Property managers also ensure that the client saves money in the long run since we are responsible for the day-to-day running of the premises,” he said.

    “With the market full of opportunities in areas such as tourism and multi-family developments in Kingston, St Catherine and Montego Bay, there are many opportunities for investment. And we can assist to help persons identify, grasp those opportunities and make the most of them,” he affirmed.

    Founded in 1984, JN Properties currently owns several properties and manages a total of 137 properties. The principal services they provide are: Property and Project Management, Real Estate Dealership Services, Property Development and Advisory Services. The company is known for its superior quality service and customer satisfaction.

    JN Properties works to develop modern buildings that reflect the rapid advancements in technology and the growing need for energy efficiency. It is also committed to creating and maintaining safe environments at the properties it manages and meeting or exceeding legal/ regulatory and safety standards.

    To register for this FREE Zoom webinar, log on to: https://jnpropertieslimited.com/webinar/


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