Tertiary Students Empowered to Stand Out

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    Tanya Pringle (third from left), Communication Executive, The Jamaica National Group, and organiser of the workshop, paused for a photo opportunity with presenters and participants following the conclusion of the one-day professional development workshop, entitled ‘Build Your Best Self,’ which was held at the JN Bank Chief Office on February 1.

    Approximately 60 students, most of whom are JN Wise Aspiring Youth (JN WAY) Ambassadors at their respective tertiary institutions, welcomed the opportunity to be exposed to valuable information, designed to assist their personal and professional development.

    They were participants in a one-day professional development workshop, “Build Your Best Self,” which was held at the JN Bank’s Chief Office on February 1.  The students were exposed to personal branding, budgeting, job interview tips; how to use social media effectively; volunteerism; professional attire and grooming, as well as how to provide quality customer service.

    The workshop was particularly valuable for Christopher Gibbon Jr., who is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and Sports at G C Foster College, as it was his first time participating in a workshop of that nature.

    “My biggest takeaway was building your personal brand,” he said.  “It showed me how not to limit myself, to take initiatives to develop my skills and execute them effectively.”

    As a student leader, Christopher stated that the presentation empowered him to access online resources, which will help him to further develop his leadership skills.

    Similarly, Shonnoya Houston, a third-year student at the Mico University College, informed that the workshop inspired her to face her fears and eventually step out of those fears.

    “It pushes me to aim towards being [better-rounded] and having a wow factor that will separate me from competitors.”

    The workshop was organised by Tanya Pringle, executive, corporate communications at The Jamaica National Group, as part of a Toastmasters High Performance Leadership Project, required to complete the Distinguished Toastmaster designation.  She explained that her rationale for undertaking this specific project was to provide young people with an opportunity she never had as a young adult.

    “I started working at 17 years old, without a college degree and did not think about saving, budgeting nor planning for retirement until many years later. Through this workshop, I want to empower young persons to build their best self and to be better able to improve their life and professional journey,” she disclosed.

    Mrs Pringle pointed out that the workshop was designed to assist young people to be more prepared to plan for the future, to gain more confidence, to know how best to budget, save and plan to achieve their dreams.

    “I envision that these young people will be on the path to becoming their best self, acing interviews, using social media more effectively, and building their personal brand, as they develop more confidence.”

    Mrs Pringle collaborated with key professionals and her colleagues at The Jamaica National Group, JN Bank, JN Foundation, fellow Toastmasters and Dress for Success Jamaica to organise the workshop.

    Presenter, Latoya Minott-Hall, public education and special projects manager at The Office of The Children’s Advocate, emphasised the importance for the participants to build their personal brand.

    “Your personal brand is that quality in you, which makes you stand out and be different. It is the subset of qualities that makes you uniquely who you are. It is that special something in you that makes others want to hire you, be with you and value you,” Mrs Minott-Hall informed participants.

    Shanna Kaye Wright Vaughn, JN Bank youth marketing officer with responsibility for the JN WAY Programme, welcomed the opportunity for the JN WAY Ambassadors to participate in the workshop.

    “By deciding that you want to build your best self, you will achieve a more fulfilling life, because you will learn how to believe in yourself, which will open up endless possibilities in your life,” she assured participants.

    The JN WAY programme is a JN Bank youth marketing initiative, designed to promote financial literacy and empowerment among students at tertiary institutions.

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